Tuesday, June 22, 2010

General McChrystal and Rolling Stone

I believe that there is more afoot than some not so nice comments about the Obama administration by General McChrystal. He seems to be short of insubordination, but the Obama administration has crucified (politically) anyone they can that says anything negative about his administration.  (I used to wonder what it was like living under a dictator, now we all know what it is like.)  Back to my views on this.

I believe there is a a mini-conspiracy to boost sales of Rolling Stone and readership online.  It my be the way that General McChrystal gets off of the sinking ship without "quitting."  This can only be a win-win for General McChrystal as he is not going to lose his rank or retirement and whatever he has accomplished is intact.  Come a few years, being 'fired' by Obama will probably be valuable political points down the road if he has such leanings.

How this affects advisors is yet to be seen, but any time there is a "change of the guard" there is usually repercussions felt by the contractors - because the "new sheriff" has to show he is boss.

Whatever happens - Stay Safe!

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