Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trouble in Mitrovica - Some Things Never Change

Some of the same old troubles are persisting in Kosovo.  Apparently it took police and soldiers to take control of the Ibar River bridge linking the ethnically divided Mitrovica.  They were trying to prevent violence from escalating. About 2000 ethnic Albanians were protesting Sunday's bi-elections in the Serb-dominated section of the town.  They had attacked a group of assembled Serbs on the north bank.

Kosovo police (KPS), along with members of the international police and the military from Eulex and KFOR, in full riot gear, had to fire tear gas when ethnic Albanians and Serbs were throwing stones at each other.  There was some automatic gun fire but there were no reports of injuries.

KFOR and KPS eventually assumed control of the bridge and closed it to traffic.

The K-Albanians were protesting local elections in the Serb-held north of Kosovoska Mitrovica and nearby Novo Brdo. These municipal elections are supported by Serbia, but the EU mission in Kosovo has said it will not recognize the results of "parallel structures."

Same old "news"  I guess -

Stay Safe!

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