Tuesday, June 15, 2010

UN Peacekeepers Will Be Leaving Chad

The UN Security Council  made it official on Tuesday, there will be a gradual withdrawal of 3,300 troops down to 1,900 in Chad. These troops arrived last year.  Is it "mission accomplished"?  Not exactly.  The Security Council really did not have a choice as Chad is asking them to leave.  In case you are unaware,  UN peacekeepers cannot enter a country without the host nation's permission. The government is saying that their people are "trained" now and they can handle the situation.

Whatever the real reasons are - the UN must go, and it is not their call.  The Security Council stated some things that Chad "must do" after the UN leaves, but there is no means of enforcement.

Withdrawal of the remaining 300 UN civilian police begins on Oct. 15 and they are supposed to be gone by Dec. 31.  "Happy New Year"

Of course, I know this cannot be all that important when the first images on Google Search for Chad are of Chad Michael Murry.  Such is the internet.  :)

Stay Safe!

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