Sunday, June 6, 2010

The UN Will Add More Police in Haiti

The UN has decided to "beef up" its peacekeeping force in Haiti.

The resolution adopted unanimously by the 15-member council will add 680 additional police "as a temporary surge capacity" to help rebuild the Haitian National Police.

The total international police force will be 4,391. (Note - the UN never operates at 100%)  The number of military personnel in the peacekeeping mission will remain at the level it is currently — 8,940 troops.

Looks like more cops in Haiti...

Remember,hurricane season began this week and hundreds of thousands of Haitian earthquake victims have only tarps or Make-shift tent-shacks which will not likely protect them in a major storm. There has been very little progress on clearing rubble so people can return to their neighborhoods or build sturdier homes.

Housing will likely be an issue...
Stay Safe!

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