Friday, July 30, 2010

Hezbollah is Preparing for War

Intelligence sources and the Israeli military believe that the Islamic extremist terrorist organization Hezbollah is gearing up for another War.  The Lebanese Army has avoided taking part in military operations in Hezbollah controlled areas.  Hezbollah is suspected of being supplied Scud missiles by Syria, along with over 40,000 short and medium range missiles.  They have been photographed training in some of their strongholds.

Hezbollah fought a one month war with Israel in 2006.  The UN mandate was that Hezbollah disarm according to the cease fire agreement (of course they did not).

The UN Security Council is Planning on meeting concerning the situation.  UN Troops and Police in the area are on stand-by for trouble.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

UN Court Rules Kosovo's Independence Legal

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  The UN , which apparently went into Kosovo under false pretenses*, has now had their high court rule that Kosovo's Declaration of Independence is legal.  This happened last Thursday (22 June 2010).

What this means:  The ruling carries no binding or official weight.  However, some of the states that were hesitant to acknowledge their independence, may use this as a reason to do so.

*The False Pretenses:  The UN went into Kosovo under Security Council Resolution 1244 which  3 times states:
"taking full account of the Rambouillet accords and the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the other countries of the region,"
When the UN entered, Kosovo was a part of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (which became just Serbia).

No, I am not taking sides, but I do believe the UN was a bit deceptive when they went in.  The resolution reiterated the same fact stating:

"Promoting the establishment, pending a final settlement, of substantial autonomy and self-government in Kosovo, taking full account of annex 2 and of the Rambouillet accords..."

The UN never wanted to tell Kosovo they could not become independent (Which also violated OSCE Standards).

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interesting Statements from the Commission on Wartime Contracting

The Commission on Wartime Contracting had hearings on the 12th of July and some interesting comments have come out so far.  The State Department will have to hire thousands of contractors to provide security and logistical support as the U.S. military begins to withdraw from Iraq in 2011.

Within 18 months, U.S. troops are scheduled to depart Iraq.  In the joint opening statement there are some significant statements.  I hope to give you highlights:

There are  (PSC employees working in Iraq)... roughly 5,000 work for the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).
...Most of the security duties currently executed by the U.S. military in Iraq and by DoD contractors are being handed off to the Department of State ...will need more security contractors, many of them with special skills. ...(it) will put increased strain on our systems for planning, acquiring, overseeing, contract- and program-managing, and evaluating performance related to PSC work.

The State Department lacks the personnel, equipment, experience, and training to take on ... quick-reaction combat teams, route-clearance capabilities, recovery of wounded personnel and damaged vehicles, the counter-rocket and counter-battery teams that return hostile indirect fire within seconds, and the experts and vehicles that detect and dispose of IEDs... The Iraqi government currently lacks many of these capabilities, as well as a robust and consistent system for monitoring and regulating PSC operations in the country ...  The dramatic expansion of State’s security responsibilities in Iraq could lead to weakly managed contractors performing inherently governmental functions in a combat zone—a scenario with large downside risks on both policy and practical grounds, such as concerns for the safety of remaining government and contractor employees.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Satellite TV - Without the Satellite Dish

So often it is difficult to watch something when you are deployed on a police mission away from home.  Maybe you are with the military and you can get limited tv from "home" .

Well I found a better solution for anyone deployed anywhere.  This system works, and it works really well.  I have not tried it in all locations, but it is worth a try as it is a one-time fee and there is no subscription or monthly fees.

The only special tools you need are a satellite and an internet connection.  It is worth a look-see if you are deployed somewhere on a police mission and you would like to have some quality TV.

This is where you can check out satellite TV without the dish.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recruiter's Myth - Grow Your Resume

Ok, first of all, it is not totally a myth.  Technically speaking you do grow your resume.  In reality,if and when you go on a mission, you are only growing your resume for future missions.  I have never come across a police department of sheriff's department that thought your resume was more impressive because you worked over seas in a mission.  Yes, you may have done great things, but what they really wonder is will you leave the department to go over seas again?

There is nothing wrong with improving yourself while on a mission, but do not fool yourself into thinking that anyone back home will be impressed with the fact that you taught Community Policing in a war zone, (or whatever you did).  The best thing to sell about yourself is that you can handle yourself in a critical situation or under stressful conditions.

These are just my opinions, but talk to the mission veterans and see what they have to say.  If you wonder why so many go back to missions, there are several reasons:  It is addictive, you are now better qualified as an international advisor than a "regular" police officer, some departments are leary to hire a mission vet, and the money is good.

Anyways - don't buy the recruiter line too much, remember that the recruiter is selling a product - and getting you to sign up is the same a sale for him or her.

Stay Safe!