Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recruiter's Myth - Grow Your Resume

Ok, first of all, it is not totally a myth.  Technically speaking you do grow your resume.  In reality,if and when you go on a mission, you are only growing your resume for future missions.  I have never come across a police department of sheriff's department that thought your resume was more impressive because you worked over seas in a mission.  Yes, you may have done great things, but what they really wonder is will you leave the department to go over seas again?

There is nothing wrong with improving yourself while on a mission, but do not fool yourself into thinking that anyone back home will be impressed with the fact that you taught Community Policing in a war zone, (or whatever you did).  The best thing to sell about yourself is that you can handle yourself in a critical situation or under stressful conditions.

These are just my opinions, but talk to the mission veterans and see what they have to say.  If you wonder why so many go back to missions, there are several reasons:  It is addictive, you are now better qualified as an international advisor than a "regular" police officer, some departments are leary to hire a mission vet, and the money is good.

Anyways - don't buy the recruiter line too much, remember that the recruiter is selling a product - and getting you to sign up is the same a sale for him or her.

Stay Safe!

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