Monday, August 30, 2010

Pick and Choose Enforcement is NOT Democratic Policing

When a country is following democratic policing prociples, it cannot have a police agency that simply "picks and chooses" which laws to enforce.  Whenever this arbitrary type of enforcement takes place, the society is no longer under rule of law, but it is at the whims of the government or who is in charge.

This is commonplace in thirds word or "developing" nations.  However, there has been a trend in many modern developed countries to follow this practice.  This is no more or less than abuse of power or malfeasance.  Unfortunately even the US has fallen into this category.  With recent discoveries of how ICE is supposed to "enforce" or not immigration laws - it falls outside the rule of law.

Just because those in power do not like the law, it does not mean they can ignore it.  Dictatorial styles like this seem to fall into a dangerous trend, and impatience with the system in place for making or changing the law is no excuse.

I am not talking about prioritizing enforcement.  Many police agencies do not have the resources to enforce all laws at all times.  In reality - thank goodness for that.  If all laws were enforced all the time - a lot of laws would get changed.  What I am saying is that whenever a police agency simply avoids enforcement, because they do not like the law - the fail in their oath of office and fail in keeping the peace.

Whatever the case may be - stay safe!

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