Thursday, August 12, 2010

Force Protection Group Involved in Scam

Ryan Steensma and Stephanie Prickett were indicted on charges of running a Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors around $1 million.  They run a security guard company that apparently has worked in Iraq and Africa.  Apparently he runs or ran Redline 22 and Force Protection Group.

The scam involved "selling unrefined gold to companies" for a profit.  They never had the gold.  They also made up the existence of a yacht to secure the loan.

More on the story here.

You may want to stay away from this company until they get their house in order.

Update: A note on the photo - Some one commented anonymously about the picture not being correct.  The photo is from a profile for private investigators and bodyguards and is labeled "Ryan Steensma President"  for Force Protection Group.  (see link above) Then again maybe the photo there is fake too like the yacht.   

If you read the comments you will see that Dan Boelens says it was his photo.  There was no intention to harm Dan or his organization - apologies on my part.

Whatever you do - Stay Safe!


  1. That picture is not of Ryan Steensma. I don't know who it is, but it is definitely not Ryan... Whoever it is probably wouldn't want to see their image with the word scammer on it though. Just a heads up.

  2. You obviously did not check the link for Force Protection Group - according to that site it is his picture

  3. I did see the link, I know Ryan, and that is not Ryan. The link is not for the Force Protection Group website, it is a profile on the Association of International Private Investigators and Bodyguards website. The Force Protection Group was the original company he founded, which then became Paladin Tactical, and then finally Redline 22 when the alleged crimes took place. I'm just letting you know because someone might see their picture on there and not like being misrepresented. Could save you from being accused of libel or slander. Just being helpful...

  4. I see you have not removed this picture yet....evidently you did not check things out to well...

  5. I sent you an have my picture up on your blog here with the name scammer on it. If you do not remove this soon I will start up a slander suit. I will be contacting my attorney today. My name is Dan Boelens I have a company called Eagle Tactical. If you are such a great investigator you would have checked first with Kent County Sheriff Dept on what Steensma looks like. You have been told by 2 other blogs that the picture is not Steensma....So I sugest you get your ass in gear and check things out. If you want to verify who I am google Blackwater Dan Boelens..

  6. jennifer Boelens-BrowerAugust 16, 2010 at 10:00 PM

    This is NOT Ryan Steensma! I should also know because the picture above is my dad Dan Boelens..... I out of all ppl know who my dad is. Can you please do your investigation a little deeper to see that you are incorrect with the information you have and remove my dad off this site.

  7. For Dan and for Jennifer -

    Note that the photo has been removed (refresh your browser to check)

    I apologize to Daniel, there was no intent to harm you on my part. I did check public records and a profile indicating it was indeed Ryan Steensma had the photo I used for the article.

    Public records can have mistakes, and I apologize for any grief it may have given you.


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