Saturday, December 4, 2010

Much ado About...?

I am making a quick post about all of this Wikileaks stuff.  So far, I have not seen any big deal about what has been leaked except:

Who was the moron that would put all of these code cables in one place that a low level person can access?

Also, why is the news media promoting the Wikileaks site?  I mean, if I make some published deal that is supposed to be not public information, will the news media make my site uber-popular?  I doubt it.

There may be stuff that should not be revealed.  There was a story yesterday about some Dyncorp incident in Afghanistan back in July 2009 that was dealt with by the company.  There was a story about the incident last July.  So how is this leaking a secret?

Maybe there is some really "secret" stuff, but this seems to be an excellent PR campaign by the Wikileaks Guy and not much real news.

That is just my point of view.

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