Sunday, December 5, 2010

Unethical Ethics Blogs

I recently thought about re-publishing some articles on Democratic policing in this blog.  I had originally posted the articles at  I thought that this blog would be an appropriate forum for said articles.

I decided to rework the articles and rearrange them into a booklet on Democratic policing.  I figured I would republish the booklet in multiple posts from said articles after some small changes.  I decided to see who had re-published some of the articles - if anyone.  One such article Democratic Policing - Human Rights and Ethics had been re-published at I found it interesting that an ethics blog decided to plagiarize my article.  There is no citation to my original article or even credit given to me as an author.  I left a comment about it at the site - I will update this post if anything happens.

Whatever you do - stay safe!

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