Thursday, March 24, 2011

UN Wants to Establish Permanent Peacekeeping Force.

Sometimes things happen that don't really surprise us. There are calls for the UN to go forward with what it calls the Permanent Peacekeeping Force. No, I don't I don't know your views on a permanent peacekeeping force. I'm not sure who you would want to have in this peacekeeping force. Would they be UN employees? Or would they be made up of other countries just like a peacekeeping mission is on a rotating basis?  What I hope they never do is select a group from only one country, and rotate the countries that supply the force.  I know how that will turn out.  Just look at who are the contributors for what they call formed police units.  They usually come from countries that have at best questionable human rights practices.

Whatever the case, it appears that the UN wants to go forward with this idea of a Permanent Peacekeeping Force. This is because the UN knows that it moves very slowly when it comes to deciding what to do in a peacekeeping situation. While they are deciding exactly what to do, they could deploy this force as a temporary stabilization action.

They are already deciding that this Permanent Peacekeeping Force (PPF) would be a first in first out kind of force. What this means is whenever there's a problem they would be the first to deploy. They would stabilize the situation. They would set up basic logistics programs for the peacekeepers that would be coming in. They would be setting up the administration for the peacekeepers coming in. However, once the mission really gets going these peacekeepers (PPF) would move on to another potential emergency. If they are not going to the emergency, they would be on standby for the next.

You can read about this here. Remember, whatever you do be safe.

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