Saturday, April 23, 2011

Interesting Points of Whistleblowers

I noticed that there was settlement in a "whistle-blowing" case against DynCorp for 7.7 million. You can read the article if you like.  I find it interesting that allegedly the Government has all sorts of protections for whistleblowers.  I say allegedly, because I never see articles where people blow the whistle on the government or similar entity and they get protection.  What they get is harassed, fired, or sometimes even worse.

While I guess we have progressed a small bit in this business of whistle-blowing - remember that if you are blowing the whistle on someone inside the government - you are likely to get terrible treatment.  Blow the whistle on a contracting company and you get the same bad treatment, but then a settlement.

It is a good thing to document all that goes on.  I guess the Congressional hearings we all expected on Iraq will never happen now, or will come so late it won't matter.  Doing the right thing does not always pay off.  It only does occasionally when you are on the government's side.

Whatever you do - Stay Safe!

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