Friday, April 8, 2011

Looking at Human Rights Violations

Many do-gooders in the NGO/UN world are obsessed with the term "human rights."  Even their lawyers do not have a true understanding of "human rights" as they only deal with it in the way the government treats people in an official capacity.  They rarely look at the most basic of all human rights - self defense.  Why?  Because most of these in the community think guns are bad in a blanket way when they are in the population of a country.  What they forget about almost all major human rights violations is - if the citizens were armed to a decent capacity - those violations could not have taken place.

The right of self defense is the most basic human right.  Take that away and the rest really do not matter.    Stop and think about it.  Who violates human rights?  Usually a government - yet the do-gooders only want firearms in the hands of government employees.  What kind of logic is that?  Remember the short-lived post-Katrina policy of the NOPD, which illegally burst into people's homes to seize their firearms?

In some government and NGO offices, there are people who are obsessed with guns. They appear to have no concern about the murder, torture, rape, and ethnic cleansing that result from abusive enforcement of anti-gun laws. The victims are treated like some eggs that must be broken in order to make the omelet of a society where no one except government employees has firearms.
 See what I mean?  I challenge any of you who have worked in an international setting to tell me that this isn't the basic thinking going on in "human rights" offices.

Wearing a uniform representing the government does not somehow make using deadly force any more OK than a person protecting himself or his family.

Possessing a firearm for self defense is a human right.  What possible argument can you have against that?  I look forward to seeing any.

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