Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Once Again - the UN Misses the Mark on Human RIghts

The whole problem revolves around the UN's Human Rights Council.  The fact that it exists is an issue.  There only needs to be clear-cut definitions of human rights and do countries follow them.  Don't get me wrong, I would probably be the last person to agree with the UN's definition of what are human rights, but there are many many countries that violate human rights in hundreds of ways.

On the Human Rights Council:  We all know Libya was a member.  Now another great state in the news for killing its own for simply protesting is going to become a member.  At least it is very likely they will.  Syria is slated to be on the Council.  How is that for irony?

What the Secretary General is doing about it: Ban Ki-moon has called for for an independent investigation about Syria's murderous crackdown on protesters.  However Moon won’t do much about trying to stop Syria’s joining the Council. According to Martin Nesirky, a spokesman for the secretary-general,"That's not really for the secretary general to suggest to a member state,"

Apparently the secretary-general is more focused on securing his reappointment. He cannot be bother with trivial things like human rights, especially if it could offend potential "supporters among the 56 state members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference."

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