Friday, May 27, 2011

The UN is Driven by Anecdote

I decided to post this, because I read another article from the UN that was trying to say that the Afghan Security Forces fail to protect teachers.  They based this on the fact that the Taliban killed one principal.  While the death of the teacher is tragic, and points out the ignorance of those that would follow Taliban principles, it is one incident.

I bet we could find such an incident in almost any civilized country where a teacher/professor/speaker is killed by some whacko activist(s).

My point is, the writer of the story says he knows of case after case of this happening, yet there are no statistics and nothing to show that the police or other security forces were aware of the threats before the killings happened.  I know that security forces in Afghanistan have a long ways to go, but the UN needs to stop its reactionary style of peacekeeping when a high profile case or two happens someplace.  It all sounds good to address these issues - but that focus often redirects efforts from programs/policies/training that is working and is more often than not met with failure.

What do you think?  Stay Safe!

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