Sunday, June 26, 2011

UN Court Convict First Woman for Genocide

Rwanda has had a very dark and dire history of genocide.  Taking steps to move forward the UN court has made a bold move convicting a woman of genocide.  According to Google News:

Judges at the UN court for Rwanda sentenced Pauline Nyiramasuhuko on Friday to life in prison for genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide and rape, and one of her sons to the same term on related charges.
"This conviction is a significant milestone because it demonstrates that rape is a crime of violence and it can be used as a tool of war by both men and women."
Nyiramasuhuko, a mother of four who faced charges over atrocities committed in Rwanda's southern Butare region in 1994, is the first woman to be found guilty of genocide and incitement to rape by an international tribunal.

It is good that courts are finally treating women and men as equals when it comes to rape and genocide.  I am surprised the UN court did this, but more power to them.

Stay safe friends!

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