Thursday, September 1, 2011

DynCorp Apparently was Involved With Spy Flights

Many people will not be surprised that DynCorp would be involved with the CIA concerning fights. DynCorp's start was really with Air America in the 60;s with their famous or maybe infamous flights in and out of Cambodia. Now it seems through court records, that DynCorp was connected to the rendition flights of captured suspected terrorists. This is all good, but I find the article I read very interesting. DynCorp International, which is the company most advisors would be working for is allegedly not connected to these flights. However, when CSC sold parts of DynCorp, it kept parts, which makes this whole thing quite confusing. I think it is fitting that the company that got its big break for flights with the CIA in the 60's is the same one that was working for them recently flying the captured suspected terrorists to secret locations. I am not sure what you think, but is seems pretty cool. Stay safe!

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