Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Contracts Finally Ready or Not?

It seems that all of the contested contracts are going to be finally awarded (again) and task orders will be coming out soon.  A lot of people have been waiting for quite some time.  There are some new players in the Police Advisor business and some not exactly new players and some of the regular players.

If you haven't contacted recruiters lately or have not checked up on the status of your applications, now would be a good time to do that.  When will the wheels really get turning?  Look to the first week of November.  That is a quasi educated guess on my part.  If anyone knows for sure and has any links to articles that clear that up - please post them in the comments.

I don't claim to be a real expert at all of this - I just like to share information when I come across it.  I am likely going on my last mission next time I go, and that is if I haven't already been on my last mission.  I am enjoying the work I am doing now and I probably could go without going on another mission.  I guess it means I will choose what I want more than have the mission choose me.

The Police Advisor business used to be a small amount of people relative to the vast amount of positions.  This has evolved and now there are a lot more experienced mission vets than there are positions available.  They still draw from a relatively shallow and incestuous pool to get people for missions, but the long lag time of officially awarding contracts/work orders has left the market with a flood of applicants.

There should be a flood of hirings soon (not just minimal replacements) so now is the time to act if you are in the middle of the application process.

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