Thursday, November 10, 2011

Recruiters are Busy

Recruiters are busy for the Police Advisor positions.  If you have not updated your information, you probably should do so.  Expect this time to be a real "Charlie Foxtrot" as lots of applications have been sitting idle - some for nearly a year.

I hope that all goes well for you when you apply.  Just expect things to be hectic.  Companies will be asking applicants to commit, some are asking that now, even though task orders have not been issued yet.

Stay persistent, and put up with all of those clunky fill-in-the-blank online forms.  Many companies have really annoying ones, that are not user friendly at all.  I kind of wonder how much they paid to have some of those sites put together as some seem pretty poorly done.

Keep your head up, and stay safe!,


  1. Any word on when the task order request are going to be dropped?

  2. SO far no. Everyone s saying "soon"


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