Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Look at the GOA Report on ANP Training

I will be giving a review/overview of the GAO’s report on training the Afghanistan National Police (with pictures!).  According to the report: “In January 2011, Congress required that we (GAO) report on the use of U.S. government (USG) personnel, rather than contractor personnel, to train the ANP.”  Just so you know, the report never directly addresses that issue. The audit for the report covers the period July 2011 -February 2012.

The report says that before the DOD awarded DynCorp the contract, they considered using government personnel to carry out the mission.  The only problem with that was they found that the ANP training program “did not include any inherently governmental functions.”  This was supposed to be a seamless transition from US State Department to the DOD. (Even though there is still no law allowing US Military to train local police forces in other countries. That is a reserved function of the US State Department.)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

US Pulling Advisors Back

I do not know exactly what is happening in Afghanistan, but according to the news, the US is pulling Advisors out of all Afghan Ministries.  I do not know if all US Police Advisors are pulled out of their respective locations...maybe our Afghanistan deployed friends can help us out with that.

Maybe it is about time we pulled out all together.  It seems that the who "nation building" program has failed according to this report.

Whatever you do - stay safe!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

At Least 2 More Months Before Police Contractors "Really" Hiring

Just from one contractor - but likely true for all concerning CJPS.

The DoS has set the resolution date for the latest round of protests for February 29, 2012. Many of you know this, but others may not. Please be advised that this is the projected resolution date and does not mean that we will be hiring on that day. It will hopefully get the ball rolling. If everything starts to progress from the Feb 29 resolution, we should have a kick off meeting within two weeks and then look for task order rfp's to bid on. Plan on at least 30 days for those rfp's to be out and another 30 days for the proposals to be reviewed prior to award. If we are awarded a contract, then we will be moving forward very rapidly from there.

This means at least 2 months before any real hiring on new contracts.

Stay Safe!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

No News for Police Advisors

There is no news for police advisors for new contracts coming up. the "word" is that it will be "sometime in April" before the contract stuff is sorted out. By then the US Military will be in draw-down in Afghanistan. We all know that the country is so far in debt that it cannot realistically afford to "train up Afghan Security Forces" as in reality that will take years and years. The other contracts are just kind-of sort-of continued basically on a month by month basis until real hard decisions are made in Washington (DC). Don't expect such a thing during an election year. My dire prediction is that things will pretty much stay in limbo until the election in November or later. I am hoping I am wrong, but there is nothing to indicate anything otherwise. Stay safe!