Thursday, May 31, 2012

Apparently the First Task Orders Have Been Released

Crucible has stated that they have received Task Orders for Haiti.

From their site:

"DOS/INL has released the first CJPS Task Order Request for Proposal (TORP) which is just over a 100-man requirement for Haiti. We are currently reviewing applications. All candidates are requested to review and update their profiles and applications, if required.  We are in the process of vetting police and corrections advisors to fulfill TORP requirements.  In particular, we encourage applicants with Haitian, French, or Creole linguistic abilities to consider these positions.  Our recruiting department will make every attempt to keep candidates informed throughout the process."

Hang in there - Orders are now coming in.

Whatever you do - be safe!


  1. Crucible is just one of the approved contractors bidding on this task order.

  2. Anonymous - no the are not - but no other company has informed me that they are. Rumor mill is that several companies are bidding on Haiti, PAE currently has that contract


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