Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not Much has Changed

I haven't posted much lately, but nothing has changed and I don't expect it to before the election.  I have no idea what to expect after the election no matter who wins.

I got this in my email and it made me chuckle, as I am not William.

Dear William, 
The purpose of this email is to apprise you of the current status of both the CivPol and CJPS positions for which you may have applied. PAE understands that many of you applied for various advisor and administrative positions many months ago and have not heard from us since then.  We understand your concerns and offer the following:  
·         CivPol – At this time we are filling only positions that have become available through routine attrition for our Global Haiti and Liberia task orders as well as our Afghanistan Corrections/JCAT (CSSP), Justice (JSSP), and Interdiction (DEA) task orders. 
·         CJPS – As one of the contract awardees, PAE submitted its Task Order Request for Proposal (TORP) for the first CJPS task order in Haiti.  As of this date an award has not been issued.  PAE is confident that we are in a winning position given our outstanding CivPol performance in Haiti during the past eight years. 
In addition to Haiti we anticipate future TORPS for Mexico and other post conflict countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  We will post these opportunities as soon as they become available. 
In that regard we encourage all applicants to continuously update their resumes with particular attention to the specific skill sets contained in the CJPS contract.  Those with foreign language fluency particularly Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole should highlight those skills on both their resume and the online registration page. 
Please be assured that we will post all further developments as soon as they are known and we thank you for your patience and continued interest in employment with PAE. 

PAE Human Resources

Oh, and at the bottom it had WilliamWilliamWilliam.

I wonder if William got his email.

Whatever you do - stay safe!

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  1. That email went out to all their applicants for that program and was a multi recipient email. I got the same one. On the other hand, several contract awards have been announced in the last couple days and this could also be positioned for release. I wonder as well if it will though.



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